High phone bill: Tips to reduce the amount of your mobile bill

Users can reduce their phone bill by controlled data usage

High phone bills have been predicted as the annual award season beckons. A BBC research report shows that a third of consumers now stream television programmes via their smartphones and tablets.

Carphone Warehouse has tracked data usage of the consumers and stated that some data allowances can be used by watching one awards acceptance speech. Click here to find information about the best mobile phone deals.

Here are the valuable suggestions:

  • Users should try to utilise Wi-Fi wherever it is possible to stream video and television programs it will save the monthly data allowance. Wi-Fi is also usually faster than 3G networks.
  • Understand one’s data usage and plan and purchase add on data bundles, which suit the user best. The planning will help the consumer to avoid unexpected large mobile bills.
  • Watch a video in standard definition rather than using high definition in order to save data allowance. A higher quality video will use more data than the standard quality video.

What’s our favourite iPhone accessories?

Because of this research, we have decided to conduct our own study to find out the most used iPhone accessories.

From our evidence, it seems that 79% of us have a phone case on our phone, which is mainly used to protect our phone from any damage that can occur. Other results found that we choose to have a phone case as it means we can add a certain style to our phone.

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Walk-in, 30 minute iPhone repairs in London

Although having a case is great for protecting against smashed screens and dents, there are other faults that you can face, including water damage, broken earpieces and microphones. These can often be the result from a number of continuous drops and the unfortunate fall into water.

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