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Welcome to Ink and Printing Design

Ask us all about printing using exciting, colourful inks. Some favourite methods of printing are onto clothing. The most popular is of course onto t-shirts.

With hi-tech design software one can add one’s own pictures or text, and swiftly edit sizing and font. Or add a design from a massive library.

Style a design in a matter of seconds, or spend a long time finalising your look. For some people who don’t want to wear all the obvious brands, such as Nike and Adidas, this is a great way of getting exactly the clothes you want. Why search for “that top” when you can just make it?!

Add your file, or draw your image directly onto the garment with the pencil tool. Add words using the click of a mouse, and alter it by selecting from our huge variety of fonts. The text colour is easily changed too. Create shaped text if you like, and change the size, spacing and angularity.

Use the slider to alter from simple to super hi-tech mode, to bring up more designing choices!

We efficiently print colour images and words using our vinyl printers. Images are excellent for this type of print. Here on the design page, you are able to change an image into a vector by the click of the mouse. To utilise these options, you must ensure your original photo is to a high quality (at least 500 dpi) and has no oddities or transparent pixels.

We report on all things to do with ink, printing and design. As technology becomes more and more advanced, there are always new ways of providing images, be it on paper, canvas, clothing, furniture etc.

When printing something with a major print company who deals with lots of kinds of printing and uses many ink to the highest quality, your print options are enormous in that they can screenprint or electronically print anything for display or advertising purposes.

Normally, we produce point of sale material such as big format pictures, posters, showcards, shopping displays, vouchers, wobblers, stickers, mobiles, wraps. This is supplemented by extensive cardboard engineering facilities.

Alternative print covers anything from manuals, blackboards to visual helps and historical print covers items such as wayfinding notifications, descriptive tags, exhibition panels and banners.

We can provide you with plenty of info on the printing world and all things to do with changes in ink:

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Get in touch if you have any queries about the printing world. We try to keep up to date but are always interested if people have interesting stories or can report on developments within this diverse and interestingly creative industry.