Buying a cheap printer might seem like absolute sense when you are trying to keep costs down. If your only printing day to day documents and have no need for a printer that produces high quality images then a functional, budget printer can seem just what you need. That us, until, you seem how much it costs to replace the ink cartridges and how often you need to replace them.

You will always require ink which is why any manufacturers know they are onto a winner when then offer cheap printers as they know they will have a steady stream of future revenue coming from replacement cartridges. It isn;t right to say budget printers aren’t suitable for anyone, but if you run a business and pint documents on a regular basis then it makes sense to buy a decent printer. Not only will you save in the long run on ink you will also be able to enjoy the higher quality that a more expensive printer will bring.

If you do decide to buy a low cost printer checker the page yield, e/g the number of pages you can print off per cartridge. This will vary depending on how much you use the printer and for what types of print jobs. Also find out how much the replacement cartridges costs. Often it can be better to buy cartridges in bulk rather than individually. It is advisable to check the price as well as sometimes you can find cartridges cheaper by searching on the internet.

Finally it is worth considering extended warranties if you are investing in a high quality printer. Just getting someone to come out and look at a broken printer can be expensive.